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Create a presentable resume



The average amount of time an employer looks at a resume is 10-30 seconds. So make sure the first half page of your resume grabs the reader’s attention.


1. Profile Summary

  •  Clearly stating your career objective and a couple specific abilities you have

  •  Sample - Profile Summary of a Software Developer:



2. Experience

  • Clearly stating the company name, your job title and working period (MM/YY)

  • First present what you have done; then show how these skills have benefited your employers.

  • List Specific achievement, do not just write a job description

  • Sample - Working History of a Software Developer:



3. Education

  • Clearly stating the education qualification you have achieved

  • You may highlight the what you have learnt from the course, but do not overstate the detail

  • Sample - Education and Qualification of a Software Developer:


4. Skill

  • List the relevant skills that meet the job requirement

  • Do not include the skills that you are not familiar with

  • Sample - Skill set of a Software Developer


5. Reference (If applicable)

  • Be sure your references know you are using them


6. Others

  • You should advise your Expected Salary and Availability in your Resume

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